Why is PS3 better than the XBOX?

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Why is PS3 better than the XBOX?

In the world of game console one may be wondering which of the two is better. Let’s take the next few moments to see why the PS3 is better than the XBOX.

For starters, the PS3 has a more powerful RSX graphical processing unit which is clocked to a whooping 1.8TFLOPS and comes packed with a 3.2 GHz seven core cell processor with an overall performance clocked at 1TFLOP. The PS3’s GPU alone is way higher than that of the XBOX 360 processor and GPU combined.

The PS3 is cheaper. For $300, one can get a XBOX 360 with a 60GB hard drive, while for $400 one can get a PS3 with a 80GB hard drive. With only an additional $100 dollars one gets state of the art graphics, a powerful console, with a Bluray Player, Wifi compatibility, rechargeable controllers (no need to spend money on batteries), free online gaming options available and media center feature. All these make the PS3 a much more powerful device for future possibilities when compared to the XBOX 360 which still works only with DVDs.

The PS3 is more a robust console than the XBOX 360 that has the infamous Red ring of Death issue and other over heating problems. The PS3 comes with built in AC adapter, along with perfectly silent fans with very rare reports of hardware related problems.

When it comes to games, the PS3 has many special blockbuster games such as little Big Planet, heavenly Sword, metal gear Solid 4, Resistance Ã’šÃ‚½, Valkyria Chronicles, KillZone, Uncharted, and many others.

The PS3 does so much more than just gaming. It has the ability to be transformed into a home entertainment system which allows one to share music and videos. It also has a Bluray player as the era of DVD gets replaced with Bluray technology.

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