Why is PVC bad?

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Polyvinyl chloride is otherwise called PVC. PVC is considered one of the most harmful materials that is manufactured. The PVC product is found to be dangerous all through the life cycle to the health of humans, to the environment, in houses, in factories, and in the waste bins. There are certain chemicals released from the PVC product in its life cycle. These chemicals are considered very dangerous and harmful to humans. The chemicals include phthalates, mercury, and dioxins. These substances are thought to be harmful to the humans indefinitely. After the PVC is burned, it releases dioxins which are  chemicals with the potential to cause cancer. These chemicals are also known to cause problems with  the reproductive organs as well as the immune system.

The use of PVC can only be done efficiently when all of its toxic substances are considered. These kinds of toxic substances will make the material harmful to customers. The polyvinyl chloride polymer is not dangerous as such for humans, and it may not be harmful for the Earth. But vinyl chloride as a monomer is observed to act as a carcinogen. It is not that easy for the monomer to break away from the polymer. Vinyl chloride is also known to cause endometriosis, birth defects, endocrine disruption, neurological damage, damage to the immune system and reproductive system, and the abnormal development of the child. The soft nature of the PVC pipes is provided by the plasticizer substance in it called a phthalate. This substance can be released from the PVCs as time passes and cause trouble.

The time at which the PVC material and its ingredients is harmful to the environment is the manufacturing period and the phthalate leaching period. When the PVCs are manufactured, some of the pollutants, including dioxins, are released into the air, land, and water. This leads to acute and  chronic health ailments. The leaching of toxins in the PVC will be gradually done at the time of its usage. Hence, PVC is bad for one’s  health as well as the environment.

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