Why is Racism bad?

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Why is Racism bad?

Every human being in this world is born with a common body type. If people are born with different skin color or born in different social groups the purpose or goal of the human beings will not change. In the religious perspective, the reason for the man to be born is to achieve the Self-Realization” or to attain salvation. Whether the person is born as a white or black or any other group, his purpose in life will be the same irrespective of whichever career you are into. The bodily activities like metabolism, digestion, respiration, reproduction, blood circulation are all common in every one. The way of living of each person and not their body appearance will determine his or her destiny. The right with which a rich person is living in the society is also possessed by the poor in the same society. If someone was born as poor, probably he was born in a financially backward group. This does not mean that they have no right to live or no right to develop or no right to dream for their future or no right to improve their lives.

If a group of people were looking awkward, they will not become inferior to a white race. If blacks were not considered as efficient people, then many of the accomplishments of the blacks might not have come to light. Blacks have shown their talents and efficiency in various fields and competed with the white people equally. Except as different race, blacks are totally similar to the white people. They have every right to get education, and earn their livelihood. But, the behavior of the society towards certain people belonging to the race which it dislikes will make that race to revolt against the society. The people who are hated will sustain the toleration for longer time and later, carry out agitations for the justice. These agitations will bring chaos in the public and spoil the calm and serene environment.

It is always important for everyone to live together, respect the religious beliefs of each of the groups, understand the basic necessities of the human life and distribute the natural resources equally among the population. This will avoid the social inequalities and discomfort among the public. Hence, racism should be avoided and is bad.

Author: Hari M

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