Why is Racism wrong?

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Why is Racism wrong?

Racism is part of a belief that emphasizes on differences among various human race, ethnicity and origin. It is a belief, most evidently practiced on most parts of the world that one gains inherent status in the society, either superior or inferior, depending on which particular race one belongs to. Racism can be simply understood through the concept of mainly, the differences of people among different groups in different countries, which absolutely has different cultures, values and beliefs. The belief in racism is one form of discrimination whereby color and social origin becomes the primary basis of whether one is deemed to the higher social class or to the society deemed to have a low profile. In most societal definitions, racism highly connotes a negative description.
In religious light, racism is one among the many wrongful acts that greatly disobeys the nature of God and the rule over men. Racism, therefore, is wrong because it is in violation of the Ten Commandments that God, Himself, told his people to follow. In addition to that, it desecrates the teachings and practices of the Creator, of which the value of compassion is greatly given importance. More so, racism is wrong because it prevents the Word of God to spread to all men among all nations. As witnesses of God’s goodness, the gospel is one form of God’s communication towards His people and in the presence of racism, not all are given the opportunity to witness how God’s grace works. And finally, racism is wrong because it inhibits man’s capability to unite with others and be union before the presence of the Almighty.
Racism is one powerful hindrance that remains to keep people tangled and in chaos. Racism is one wrongful act that aims to destroy man’s innate goodness.

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