Why is RAM (Random Access Memory) important?

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Why is RAM (Random Access Memory) important?

When you are working with an application in the computer, your application makes use of memory space to make you work comfortably. The information to be processed by the central processing unit will be first stored in the memory and then given to the CPU. When you are working with a large application or if you are working with many number of applications, then it is necessary to have large memory to control the huge information. This is the reason for your computer to freeze when you run more programs with small capacity RAM. When the program wants to store a variable, it stores the variable in the memory space available.

If the program or the software you are using involves several calculations, it has to store several variables for processing to occur sequentially. If the hard disk is not capable enough to provide the necessities of your software, the processing can be taken over by RAM. If the hard disk speed is lower than that of RAM, then your program can be processed by RAM faster than the hard drive. When your applications are many and you happen to run out of the RAM, windows have the option of using the virtual memory. Virtual memory is provided by hard drive. If the RAM speed is faster, then the software program also runs faster.

In some programs like games and building an application needs lot of space to store much information. These types of programs need a huge capacity RAM in order to handle the running software necessities. In this case, it is inevitable to use few GBs of RAM to meet the needs of the program.

When you are running a big program in your computer, the microprocessor will take the executable file of the program from the hard drive and places it in RAM. The DLL files that are necessary for running that .exe file also will be loaded temporarily in to the RAM. DLL files occupy lot of space. So, huge RAMs can handle large applications very easily and comfortably. Hence, RAM serves the purpose of running the application properly.

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