Why is Reading Important in Today’s Society?

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484px-Reading_woman_2Ever since childhood, one is continuously told that reading is important and it is highly recommended to develop a reading habit. But, often one is left to wonder why is reading important today’s society. It may not seem so important to kids but as one grows up, the importance of reading becomes apparent. It is possible to develop a reading habit at any age, but it is better to develop it from childhood.

We live in a society which is subjected to rapid changes in almost every walk of life. There are new invention, theories, and discoveries happening every day. In fact, it can be safely said that many things we learned in school are no longer relevant and applicable. In such an age of rapid changing, reading can keep us updated to the most current information and data. Anyone who went to school in say 90s learned that there are nine planets in our solar system, but now there are only eight planets in the solar system. Pluto is no longer a planet. Anyone who does not keep up with reading may miss on this information. Moreover, reading exposes you to new ideas, new things, new ways to problem solving and new ways to achieve things. It can introduce one to scientific principles, philosophical theories, current affairs, etc. It enriches your knowledge bank and enables you to understand the world and everything in it in new perspectives. Exploration always starts from reading.

Reading is fundamental to live and function in today’s society. There are numerous adults who are unable to read the instruction on a medicine bottle, while there are others who are just not in the habit of doing so. In either case, it can make life difficult and potentially dangerous. There are many basic tasks such as reading road or warning signs, following a map or properly filling out an application which becomes frustrating and tough. People who are in the habit of reading usually read everything they come across, and therefore, are more well informed on a wide variety of things.

Good readers usually have rich and sophisticated vocabulary. Students, who have good vocabulary, are usually good in studies and well versed in the affairs of the world. Researchers have discovered that reading proficiency is strongly correlated with academic success, at all ages. Reading improves mind’s ability to understand ideas, follow arguments and detect implications.

In terms of professional life, most well-paying jobs require reading as part of the job. There are reports and memos to read and respond to in timely manner. Poor reading skills make it difficult to read through pages and pages of a report and increased the time required to absorb the information and react to it. Lack of adequate reading skills can limit the accomplishment of a person in workplace and reading skills only develop through reading.

Reading is also essential to develop the mind and thought process. Mind is a muscle and like any muscle in the body, it requires exercise. Reading and comprehending the written word is a way for mind to improve its ability. Reading strengths brain connection and build new ones. It also improves concentration. Younger children develop their language skills through reading. It also broadens the point of view and adds different perspective to the world, hence opening up the mind’s window to new and different things. A person who reads can educate themselves in any area of life. Reading serves as an important way to develop imagination and enhance creativity. It develops the cognitive abilities. It has been seen that creative and imaginative people are often active readers. Reading takes you to new and exciting places, whether real or imaginary, recent of historical. Furthermore, it encourages you to think and use the creative side of your brain.

Reading has been seen to develop and improve a good self-image. Poor readers or non-readers often have low opinions of themselves and their abilities. Reading helps one understand their own strength and better become acquainted with their abilities, hence better self-image. When a person is alone, reading can prove to be a great companion saving one from depression and loneliness. One can read while waiting in the line, when a friend is running late or simply when bored. It also helps understand and analysis the complex feelings and thoughts that may occur to a person. Hence, it leads to a better understanding of oneself, which results in improved life and relationships.

Reading is very important in today’s society for a person to function well. It may not seem so important when one is young, but as time passes it becomes apparent how significant good reading habit is as it can help in professional and personal life. There are many sources available in today’s world that can promote reading, such as paper and electronic books, internet sources, etc. In short, it is essential to develop a reading habit, despite of one’s age.

Author: Zaib Fatima Rizvi

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