Why is Red Dead Redemption rated m?

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Why is Red Dead Redemption rated m?

Red Dead Redemption is an epic western video game that fights for survival. Developed by Rockstar San Diego, the game lets the player assume the role of being John Marston. John Marston was once a member of a gang whom the government had been hunting. Since John Marston was a known member, the government officials abducted his wife and son and asked him to hunt down the leaders of his former gang. Only then can he be united with his family. With no choice, John Marston started his mission and went through tons of battles, struggles and dismays to be reunited with his family.

As the game intensifies, the players should expect to hear and see foul languages, obscene views and violence. Bloodshed, nudity, sexual content and drug use and abuse are also expected when the game is played. It is indeed a violent game full of revenge, anger and fierce. Because of this, Entertainment Software Rating Board, also known as ESRB, rated this popular game, Red Dead Redemption, as rated M. ESRB is a committee created to provide information about what contains the computer and video games that can be purchased on the market. ESRB rated Red Dead Redemption as rated M primarily because of its contents. Rated M signifies that the game has mature contents suitable only for ages 17 years and above. The criteria indicated to be rated as M because it contains mature sexual themes, violence and strong language. And this holds true with the Red Dead Redemption game.

Despite its rating as mature, Red Dead Redemption still remains one of the most played video games being the fifth best game on video. And recently, it won the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards as the Game of the Year.

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