Why is rest important?

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Why is rest important?

Rest is medically defined as a man’s state of repose. It simply means to cease from work or activity. But in today’s society, most of the people don’t know the meaning of rest and don’t know how to rest. As the world paces faster and the need to meet the demands of the society increases, the lesser man is able to stop and find time to rest. It is evident these days how people have become so attached and committed to work and making money that a lot of things are neglected, especially the need of every individual to have a break for some time and rest.

Rest, indeed, is part of man’s basic physiologic needs. In fact, it is one of the most vital needs that every man should have. Allowing oneself to rest from work and all the stresses in life is definitely not an option but a choice. Resting one’s mind, body and soul once in a while will not only give relief but it will also hone oneself to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Rest is but important as the other basic needs because it is one of the many factors that contribute to the level at which the body can function adequately, effectively and productively. Every day, the body moves and performs bodily processes. Without rest, the muscles and all the other parts of the body will eventually wear out. That is why rest is needed.

Also, rest allows the body to restore energy that has been expended from the day to day work. In addition to that, rest revitalizes all the systems in the body to maintain the body’s optimum level of functioning and to prevent the body from wearing out due to too much activity. It is with rest that life is balanced.

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