Why is rhetoric important

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Why is rhetoric important

Merriam-Webster defines rhetoric as the art of speaking or writing effectively” as being used in communication or persuasion. However in contemporary language, the word rhetoric” has a negative connotation and is often regarded as arguments that only intend to conceal the truth. It is frequently coined as the language used by sales persons and dishonorable politicians. This should not be the case. In actuality, rhetoric helps an individual to properly communicate one’s thoughts into something easily understood by the audience, and in turn be influenced by the message that was sent.

The fact is that language is powerful. It has the ability to transform our thoughts and ideas into words which can be transferred to other people in a form of communication. Rhetoric is an important tool that makes use of the power of language in order to efficiently inform others of what we think, or feel, and persuade them to agree with the concept that we have. And as any kind of tool, it can be used with either good or bad intentions.

The importance of rhetoric lies in the way that it is used as a tool in communication. Most conflict and misunderstandings arise because people are not able to properly express themselves through language which sometimes results to frustration or physical violence. Having knowledge in rhetoric is advantageous as it encourages an individual to think of the means on how to effectively express one’s thought, in addition to the content of the message, thus prevent having empty” or senseless communication.

Rhetoric is not just important in order to convince other people to accept our own opinion and take our ideas as something applicable. Having knowledge in rhetoric will also enable an individual to defend oneself from people who use it to their own advantage, and the disadvantage of others.

Rhetoric is important as it encourages an individual to improve further in the use and knowledge of language. And, it also provides an alternative way to resolve conflicts without being violent.

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