Why is rye bread good for you?

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Rye bread is a type of bread that is made from the rye grain. Rye grain is part of the wheat family along with barley. Much of rye grain is used for a variety of purposes including the making of beer and other alcoholic beverages and bread.  When used in bread making, the flour in rye bread is said to provide various health benefits. Rye bread is considered a health food making it good for the body.

Rye bread is high in fiber and a good food choice for people who want to be healthy or stay healthy. Fiber is known to help people who have weight problems to become thinner and healthier. Dietitians and nutritionists always promote high-fiber food items like rye bread as it helps make people fuller longer after a meal. When people are less hungry during the day, for example, there is also less chance of bingeing on snacks and fatty-food items.  With rye bread’s help, people can effectively lose and/or maintain their weight. Rye bread is also low in calories which further helps people who are overweight.

Another good thing about rye bread is its plant sterol content. This substance has been known to help reduce bad cholesterol or more scientifically known as LDL, or low-density lipoprotein. There are two types of cholesterol that people get from food, one is good and the other is bad. The bad type is known to cause problems in the cardiovascular system. With regular consumption of rye bread, people will get a chance to lower their LDL levels and perhaps prevent cardiovascular disease.

There are also studies that point out other benefits that people can receive from the consumption of rye bread. With its high-fiber content, people with digestive problems also get some relief in terms of better bowel movements and less development of gallstones, for example.  Some studies have also shown that rye bread has a significant effect in helping people prevent having colon cancer. With all of these benefits, rye bread proves itself good for the body.


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