Why is saving Water important?

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Why is saving water important?

Water is our basic need in order to survive. At this point where global warming and pollution are becoming major problems of the environment, clean water becomes rare. We need to save and conserve water because it is a gift of God that we need to preserve.
Water quenches us, bathes us, cleanses our things, and refreshes our surroundings. Without water, we cannot live long. As a health benefit, water cleanses the toxins in our body. It replenishes our body cells. Our body could even survive if we can’t eat for a week but we can’t endure life if we can’t drink for 3 days. That is how important water is to our health.
Water also plays an important role to other living things. For animals to survive they need abundant water to drink and to bath. For plants, they also need water in order to grow and produce fruits.
Everything on earth depends on water. Water cycle happens all the time and this is also the reason why there is rain to nourish the soil and forests. But then because of too much heat, the water that evaporates could no longer turn into rain. This is one reason why drought is being experienced. When this happens, conservation of water becomes very important.
Saving water has a lot of benefits. It helps to lessen our water bill. When we save water, we also give importance to that precious gift of God. Having clean and abundant water is what we need now. There may be a lot of water surrounding us but then this becomes polluted. Our earth may have ¾ of water but then only 1% of this is useful. The oceans and seas are salt water which could not be consumed by us.
It is important to use water wisely because there are now more people who use water. It becomes a very limited resource. If we save water, we have something to use in the future.

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