Why is Science Important? – What is the world without science?

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The_Scientific_UniverseWhat is the world without science?

Do you know that Albert Einstein and Gregor Mendel were considered morons in their times? But today, they are considered most famous scientists who made this world a better place to live in.

Science makes the world go round:

From the moment you wake up in the morning, all through the whole day and even the best part of night time; you are enjoying the bounty of science. You were awaken on time by your digital alarm clock; you know what clothes to wear all from report of the meteorologist about the weather; you drive car through smooth pathways due to the stable asphalt; the bus brings you safely to your destination and you can choose either baked potato or French fries in the Fast Food. Your forever companion the cell phone connects you to friends anytime; you splashed in the tub with endless supply of water; and there are so much more facilities. All throughout the day, you enjoy this courtesy of science.

The modern world would not be modern at all without the understandings and technology enabled by science.

Why science is important?

1. Science is the best option of looking at the universe It is a system of thought that enables man to organize and better understand the way things work in very specific ways. Man spent so much time figuring out how to stay alive and be happy where in science became a powerful tool for them to stay alive and happy.

2. Science is useful because man depends on technology to live their lives. The science of burning created the ships, trains, and cars and the science of growing things produced more food and materials out of plants and animals. On the negative side, the science of atoms caused millions of people to die in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

4. Science is important because it is best way to learn about the universe, both aspects of the natural and artificial. Engineers, doctors, and other professionals use the scientific knowledge they gathered and put them to practical use. There could not have been this high technology if not for the scientific discoveries that preceded them. Can you fathom what technology and medicine will be bringing in the future?

5. Only scientists can figure out how the laws of nature work Using the scientific methods, these learned men discover how nature works through the ages. Conclusion from their researches is important in fostering new technologies that help improve people’s lives.

6. Science as the art of discovery assists society in understanding the role humans play in the environment. Mankind have been using and abusing and that only he can save it. For the next century, society will be face countless complex challenges. Climate change will cause temperatures to rise, seasons will become erratic and sea levels will rise. Added to this is over population and the depletion of resources. Only science holds the key in developing solutions and scientists need to play a bigger role in encouraging society.

Benefits from science:

Countless benefits enjoyed by men come from science. It provides protection for themselves, as well as the environment. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes and your 24 hours work and play, you enjoy the fruits of science. They have figured out how and why something works or not.

Of you understand the benefits of scientific study; you will start looking for answers in a more systematic way. Science is a systematic investigations of unexplained happening these days which fill up most of the days.

In conclusion, you will look at plants, animals and yourself in a much better way by using science as a tool to discover interactions and evolvements of beings on Earth, and where you as a human being fit in the grand scheme of things.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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