Why Is Seed Dispersal Important?

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Why Is Seed Dispersal Important?

Nature has its own way to reproduce. Just like in plants, it doesn’t need to be dependent to humans to be able to produce more of its kind. It has its own mechanism to survive.

Seed dispersal is possible with the help of wind, water, or animals. The reason why seeds must be disperse to help plants grow in other places. With seed dispersal, the seeds will not be overcrowded with the parent plant. Once the seed will grow beneath its parent plant, there is a possibility of competition in terms of soil, space, light, and nutrients. If this happens, the plants will just die.

Seed dispersal also allows plants to scatter in other places. This means that plants will have a chance to germinate and multiply fast. Through seed dispersal, extinction will not be possible. This is also one way to expand its species not only to its usual environment but also to other locations.

Another importance of seed dispersal to plants is survival. The seeds are able to reach a certain destination or a habitat which is favorable for their growth. Instead of growing with its parent plant and sharing all the nutrients with other plants surrounding it, seed dispersal can do otherwise. It directs the plants to a safer and richer environment where it can live and stay longer.

Some seeds are not only dispersed at a short distance but some of these seeds can be taken to a safer environment such as the underground. This would protect the seed from environmental hazards such as erosion, fire, and drought. Furthermore, these seeds will surely grow healthy and sturdy.

Seed dispersal also creates new habitats because a seed can be scatters to a vacant location where no plant species occupy. With this, a new geographic location can be formed.

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