Why is Segregation wrong?

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Why is Segregation wrong?

Segregation in its economic, political and social form refers to the separation of the human population on the boundaries of racial differences. Services, facilities, and opportunities like education, housing, transportation, health care, and employment are segregated between the White Americans and the Colored population ‒ Black Americans and rest of the minority groups. However, it is always the White people who receive the better services, better facilities and better opportunities in the society as compared to the colored individuals.

Racial segregation (or hyper-segregation) is primarily wrong because it promotes racism, hatred, and narrow-mindedness among the populace. The practice is offensive, ungodly, and primarily violates the human rights and freedom of every individual. And it disagrees with the statement written in the United States Declaration of Independence which clearly states that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”.

Segregation has two forms: one is de jure” and the other is de facto”. De jure” is a form of enforced segregation authorized by law. An example of this was the Jim Crow” laws that work around the principle of separate but equal”. However, the bitter truth was that segregation is and will never be equal. It only created numerous economic, social, and educational disadvantages among the Black populace, while the White benefits from the system. It creates an imbalanced within the society, thus established an invisible barrier that is strongly felt between the races. Because of this, the de jure” segregation was abolished by the Supreme Court by treating it as unconstitutional.

De facto” on the other hand is a kind of social segregation that continuously exists even without the sanction of the law. This is the kind of segregation that is hard to eliminate because it is shaped by the unwritten policies of the society. Although there are studies which shows a decline in White-Black segregation, there are still that lingers in the society like in redlining” and housing mortgages. Hopefully as time passes by, people will develop compassion and an open mind in accepting other people as fellow individuals regardless of skin color.

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