Why is Setting important?

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Why is Setting important?

A story will never be complete without a setting. Setting is important in achieving the real mood of every story. Even a simple short story needs to have psychological time a place. It’s difficult to imagine any story without a setting since it determines where and when the story happens. As an author, you can easily establish the scenario of your story and the personality of the characters if you clearly describe the setting of your story.

This is the definition of setting: an environment where the situation happens. When proper setting is introduced, readers will easily visualize how the story takes place. There will be more understanding of how the story flows. The characters will have a connection with the plot. Setting makes the story more organized because it ties together the events and the theme.

A setting of the story has a great impact in the development of the plot. Without the setting, here will be no substance. The characters will have no meaning at all. Setting helps the readers picture out the events as if they are real. With this, they will be able to internalize the plot of the story giving them more connection to what they are reading.

For example, if the setting is World War, it would be easier to identify the characters as soldiers being killed. It would not be that complicated to feel the suffering of the soldiers being killed on war and the grief felt by the citizens upon losing their loved ones.

Setting is always part of the story. It gives more meaning to what we are reading. Because of setting, it’s easier to set the tone of the story. It can also bring up emotional reaction and reflection of the society where the characters evolve. The setting of the story is significant in putting sense to a written work of art.

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