Why is Sight Important?

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Why is sight important?

We have important senses in our body: the sense of taste, hearing, touch, smell, and sight. One of the most important senses is our sight.

Our eyes are very useful to our life. We could see the creation of God because of our eyes. We gain happy memories and experiences because of our sight. We can interpret things clearly and correctly by the things we see. We may be able to distinguish something that is beautiful from ugly. Without our sight, our life will never be complete.

Imagine your life without your eyes. Everything will be in darkness. You can only hear sounds but you won’t be able to relate things to how they look. It would be very difficult to learn how to read and write if we don’t have our sense of sight.

They said that the eyes are windows of the soul. With our sight, we may be able to understand the feelings of our loved ones by looking at their expressions and gestures. Our sigh is important in a lot of ways even in simple things. Our sight helps us interact with different parts of our body. We can eat better, we can watch movies, we can read books, we can travel to different places, we can see the faces of our loved ones, and we can do a lot of things because of our sight.

Others say, it is better to be deaf and mute than to be blind. Being blind will deprive you of the beautiful creatures of God. You will never see the lushness of the forest trees, the flying birds, the colorful flowers, and the children laughing. With our sight, we may be able to appreciate life more.

From the time you wake up until you go to bed, your eyes function as a recorder of events. These events will always be kept in your memory and will be part of your lives until you die.

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