Why is slavery wrong?


Why is slavery wrong?

Slavery is an act of owning another person, like that of a property, who is forced to work. Slavery is another product induced from poverty. The practice of slavery is becoming rampant as years pass because of the many people who are poor and who cannot find a decent mode of work that will suffice the needs of the entire family. Many of the slaves, these days, are under aged young women who are forced by their parents to work and earn for a living. Instead of going to school, they opt to be deprived of the rights that they should be enjoying.

In many places, slavery is becoming legal. But in some parts of the world, the depth of slavery is so intense that even lives are being sacrificed. In slavery, people are being treated as a possession. Slaves are seen as things that must function properly else, they will suffer consequences. In slavery, people can be bought and sold, put into labor solely against their will and without proper compensation. Some even don’t get paid. And yes, these scenarios are seen today as it was seen way back in history. Some things really don’t change; they get worse even.

Slavery then, is an act no man should practice. It exploits and dehumanizes human beings. It violates the rights one has and in addition to that, slavery destroys the dignity each and every person must rightfully uphold. It is clearly stated in the law that all human beings are born equal and free, with reason and conscience to act towards the good of another. But where is freedom and equality in terms of slavery? There is none. All that slavery brings is turmoil, violation, destruction and depletion of rights, dignity and most of all, respect.

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