Why is Somalia a failed state?

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Why is Somalia a failed state?

Situated at the Horn of the continent of Africa, Somalia is formerly known as the Somali Democratic Republic under the rule of communism. Officially named as the Republic of Somalia, the country of Somalia is one of the African countries that have an interesting story to tell. Having the longest coastline in the continent, it has a long stretch of seas, accompanied by wide array of plains, plateaus and highlands that consists the county’s terrain. The country is inhabited by approximately ten million people, 85%of which comes from the Somali ethnicity. It has an interesting culture that most commonly emanates from traditions of the Somali civilization with influences from Ethiopis, Yemen, Persia and India. From its historical accounts, Somalia started off strong. It was once an important center for commerce during the ancient times and became one of the powerful countries during the Middle Ages.
However, after foreign countries gained control over the country of Somalia, tribulations started to arise causing the country to slowly decline in terms of politics, economics, social relationships as well as local and international linkages that were once established. The poor economy of the country is one reason why Somalia is a failed state. Besides its poor economy, the major cause of Somalia failure as a state is because of the political instability that took off when the country was initially colonized and ruled over by foreign countries. After the country was conquered and eventually gained independence, issues remain to bother the country’s state. Coalitions among warlords led the central government of the country to be crumbled, which is well supported by clan rivalries which existed many years ago. More so, other factors such as inconsistent reforms and promulgation of new laws cause Somalia to be a failed state.

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