Why is Spelling important?

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Why is Spelling important?

With the advances in technology, spelling as a part of many people’s language skills is often neglected.

Here are five reasons why spelling is important.

It can be the basis of the assessment of intelligence. In the classroom, students are given a spelling quiz and if they can’t spell very well, they might flunk it. In written work, spelling is also one of the criteria for getting a high grade. Even in the workplaces, signs and directions should be spelled correctly so that people will follow and respect what has been written.

Correct spelling is vital in formal and technical writing. Every time we submit a term paper, manuscript, resumé, or business letter, spelling really matters a lot. A job application could be rejected if we don’t know how to spell a simple word. Our employers will be turned off if we can’t spell correctly. To be professional, correct spelling is indeed necessary.

Spelling is important in being understood. If the spelling is wrong, a word could be misinterpreted. Take, for example, the word stationery” in referring to paper. If we spell it with an a” as in stationary”, the meaning becomes completely different.

Proficiency in spelling is one element in effective writing. Documents are very important in preserving history. If we spell a word incorrectly, future generations might find it difficult to understand what the text was all about.

Spelling is significant because it is one factor in learning how to read. How we pronounce words will depend on how the letters are arranged. If we teach wrong spelling to little kids, they will be confused as to what the correct pronunciation of a word is. For consistency in the pronunciation and enunciation of a word, correct spelling is a must.

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