Why is spm in jail?

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Why is spm in jail?

SPM stands for South Park Mexican. South Park Mexican, who was born to a name of Carlos Coy, is a famous American rapper and founder of Dope House Records in 1995. A Houston-Texas native, Carlos Coy grew up in South Park, Houston where is name was derived. Thus, the name South Park Mexican came to life. But even before his name flourished in the music industry, he had to go through a lot. He was a drop out, became a minimum wage employee of a chemical plant, experienced being a door to door perfume seller and even indulged in dealing crack cocaine.

When his album was released, his music brought his name to the world and became famous. But at the height of his career, he was found guilty for child molestation last September of 2001. But the charge was bailable so he was able to get out of jail. But accusations kept coming after the first. He was accused of having impregnated a 13 year old girl, who demanded for child support. Later, two more accusations were charged to him. And after several hearings and court trials, Carlos Coy, popularly known as South Park Mexican, Houston jury convicted him of being guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Judge Mark Kent Ellis even told South Park Mexican that there was one common trait that sex offenders have, that is, they are all liars and SPM is not an exception to the rule. Carlos Coy was sentenced to 45 years in prison and was ordered to pay a fine $10,000.

Today, SPM still records music while being incarcerated at Allred Unit in Texas. His eligibility to apply for parole takes effect in the year 2024 or after 22 Ã’šÃ‚½ years of service in jail.

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