Why is SQL better than access?

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Why is sql better than access?

When Microsoft offered its database management system called Access, everybody thought that it is very convenient and accessible. But when SQL (Structured Query Language) came into the picture, more people considered it as better than Access. Here are the comparisons why SQL is better than Access:
Access may be more compatible when shared to others because a lot of people have Access Software in their computer . However, Access is only designed for small number of people, usually a data management system in an office. SQL is more advanced which means it is designed to operate for thousands of users a t the same time. SQL is preferred by big offices operating with a lot of branches.
SQL can be expensive than Access but in terms of use and coverage, it is more practical to use SQL server. If you have your business, it’s better to use SQL because of its advanced database administration. It can also handle a lot of tasks such as transferring data from different sources, receiving alerts, optimizing databases, scheduling tasks etc.
Access is designed as a personal database which is good only for personal computers while SGL can be used for larger databases. With the crowding of data and the overflowing of information, it is very important to use large-scale database system to cope with all the data needed and the huge number of users.
SQL is also fast and can handle a lot of transactions. SQL server is a high performance database and investing to this system means getting the best quality with a superior performance.
SQL is also easy to learn because applications are almost the same with Access. It does not need extra time and effort to learn the basic applications.
When asked which is better, then the answer is obvious. With today’s information superhighway scenario, SQL is a better choice.

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