Why is stealing wrong?

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Why is stealing wrong?

Stealing is defined by law as an act of illegally taking a property or belonging without any willful giving of consent. Stealing may be done to address one’s needs in critical situations or it can be done as a form of occupation, which means, stealing becomes the way for them to earn money. People get tempted to steal because of their low socioeconomic status, primarily because of poverty. It is poverty that makes people indulge into undesirable acts and practices such as stealing, robbing, kidnapping and killing.

Stealing, otherwise known as theft, defies many aspects of man, nature and the Creator. To man, stealing is an ineffective means towards survival. Stealing from another person is act of depriving the other of the rights one has unto the property or belonging. Stealing from man is the projects the absence of respect and dignity to one’s own humanity. To nature, stealing is destroying the beauty of what it has constantly given and provided. Theft against nature is altering the natural processes that no one can absolutely explain. Stealing from nature is destructing the wonders man, these days, cannot fully appreciate and respect. And finally, to the Creator, stealing is one major sin no law can ever justify. The law against stealing is clearly stipulated in the Holy Book. Along with the other commandments, stealing is one serious sin that man or nature cannot truly justify because it is God, Himself who commanded that no man shall steal.

Stealing, therefore, is not just an act against another man, nature or the law. Stealing is a serious crime against the will of the Almighty. It is but clearly defined how stealing is never tolerated in the eyes of man, in the orders of the law and in the Creators vision.

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