Why is Summarizing important?

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Why is Summarizing important?

Large information can be restated briefly in your own words which give the total meaning of the document in concise format. The total information is reduced or condensed into another version of the same document called as summary. The summary comprises of very important elements and it will have the essence of the original information. Summary will focus on the main ideas that describe the complete document. It also consists of important details that are supporting the main ideas. The summary should be short in size but should be able to ingest all the main points without fail. This is because summary acts as a mirror for the total document and the reader should be able to scan the main ideas of the whole document in the summary.

Summary is very important to exist in a large document or any lecture as it helps the reader to learn all the aspects discussed in the document. Summary is useful to exist in academic matters. Summarizing helps the student for his academic purposes when he is studying about something. Writing a summary for a set of large information after reading it will help the student to remember well what he has studied. It is necessary to write summaries in the college assignments and in written tests. In most of the academic projects, summarizing will help to shrink the source information into a small paragraph in a research project thesis.

Summarizing is important as it will offer profit to both the teacher and student. For the student summary helps to tell others important points, to test his or her understanding, to gain practice in decision making and arranging of points in a sequence. For the teacher, summary helps to assess the capacity of the student to gather significant points, to identify the comprehensive form of the total information, to look at the ability of the student to organize and prioritize the points.

Summarizing helps us to gather the original text properly which indicates at the end that the reader understood the concept clearly. The knowledge we get by summarizing will help us to analyze and criticize the original document.

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