Why is Superman a hero?

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Superman is probably the most famous comic book character of all time. With his noble deeds and good qualities, Superman as a character is considered a hero.  Or  in the field of comic books and entertainment, Superman is a superhero.

Basically, heroes are deemed to have good qualities to be admired by many people.  And when talking about good qualities, Superman is no exception.  For this simple reason, being Superman is synonymous with being a hero.

As a comic book character, Superman uses his several powers to protect the people of Metropolis from danger.  If a crime is committed on one city corner, for example, Superman is shown to get on the scene in time to stop the crime from happening and forward the criminals to the authorities.  In cases wherein there is a natural disaster, for example, Superman is depicted as somebody who tries all his might to save all the people involved.  With all his activities to serve the people in his city, Superman became a famous hero character.

In real life, people admire those who protect those who are weak.  People who save lives are also considered very good models of society. These qualities are those that Superman has, making him an obvious hero figure.  People even use the term “Superman” for real-life people who seem to do the extraordinary when it comes to helping people out with their problems and concerns.  If a teacher, for example, saves each one of his/her students from a natural calamity, then this particular teacher may be viewed as a “Superman” in his/her own right.  His/her efforts are usually considered heroic because of the courage and nobility of his/her actions. Superman being a hero only reflects what people need in an authority figure, for example.  People today look up to heroes for hope that there will be brighter days ahead.


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