Why is swimming fun?

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Swimming is a type of exercise which keeps the swimmers fit and healthy. The swimmers feel better healthwise most of the time. Not only is swimming beneficial to one’s health, it is considered a fun sport by many people. This is because it is done many times along with friends as a group while spending some time leisurely at the beaches. The other sports like running, jumping, and leaping for the ball might include pain either in the knee or elbow joints.  Swimming doesn’t strain any parts of the body because of the helpful effects of the water. Swimming is also known to enhance the immune system. Swimming is looked upon as a sport that motivates people to do it and go out with friends while they gain the health benefits along with the fun. You need not to spend extra time for the sport while still maintaining your relationships. Both activities can be done simultaneously during swimming.

Swimming can be made even more fun when the swimmer tries to do balance drills. The balance drill will raise the senses and keep the body harmonious with the water. The balance drills are observed to be giving the swimmer a feeling of safety, relaxation, and support in the water. The evolution of the senses slowly after getting into the water and moving the muscles and joints from a standing position to the perfect swimming position will take some time. This period of sensual awakening is really a period that can be experienced as fun and joy.

Learning about the number of strokes that exist in swimming practice is the initial step that can make you interested in enjoying the sport. Learning about each one of the various strokes and practicing each one in a skill set is part of the fun. Learning many swimming drills brings a lot of fun to the activity as well. The skill that is learned in one swimming stroke can be carried over for another one to improve the next stroke. In this way one can become perfect in all the strokes. This way of performing swimming motivates the person to continue this sport and have more fun.

Improving your own strokes by watching them on video can be still more interesting. There is fun and joy in learning this way. Hence, swimming is a lot of fun.

Author: Hari M

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