Why is Switzerland not in the EU?

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Why is Switzerland not in the EU?

Together with Norway, Russia, Monaco, Croatia, and Ukraine among others, Switzerland is one of the many European countries which are not members of EU, the political and economic union of 27 countries that are particularly situated in Europe also known as European Union.

There are many reasons why Switzerland did not became a member of EU but it is essentially because of a personal choice. March 4, 2011 majority of the Swiss populace discarded the concept of joining the alliance of European Union considering that it will only have a detrimental effect on the country.

There are two principles that cause Switzerland to restrain itself from being a member of EU, one is its direct democracy” and the other is its neutrality”. These two principles had a direct contradiction with EU’s policies which is why Switzerland, until now, continues to reject its invitation of becoming an affiliate since 1990s.

It is viewed that the Swiss loved their independence more than anything and that they were made anxious in losing their national identity if they associate with EU. As a country that is practicing a pure democracy” and maintaining a neutral stance, Switzerland by nature avoids creating alliances with other nations that may involve a direct political, economic, and military concern. It is also viewed that because of its neutral” status, Switzerland has not been involved in any international warfare since 1815.

Another concern that restricts Switzerland from becoming a member of EU is its strict management of immigration. The Swiss were afraid that with the open door policy” provided under the boundaries of EU, it may then bring about an overwhelming flow of European migrants coming to Switzerland looking for work in which the Swiss are not in favor of.

And lastly, Switzerland prided itself for being able to support its farmers which are in contradiction to the no border” and free import” policies of EU. The Swiss are concerned that joining EU may endanger the livelihood of its farmers especially if they will not be able to compete with the cheaper priced products that are imported from other EU countries.

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