Why is Symbolism important?

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Why is Symbolism important?

When we like to communicate with others through small messages, we tend to make use of symbols. To communicate with others we need to formulate our thoughts into sentences by using either words or symbols. When we communicate through any small medium like short messages, most of us use short cuts or symbols to transfer the content and complete the communication process. Symbols are used in order to create shorter and meaningful sentences. Different concepts are put in the form of meaningful sentences by the collection of letters and words. Numbers also represent certain concepts. Musical notes are also written as symbols and symbols form a major part of development of our civilization.

A symbol is used to tell or represent something else as it has relationship or resemblance with it. Symbol can be an object or represent that is invisible. Symbol is something that can give deeper meaning or it will extend the meaning of actual word or imparts a specialty to a written word by transforming it into powerful instrument. Symbolism is important in representing significant aspects like religion, mathematics, politics, color, architecture, advertising, and so on.

Symbol provides more information than what is written about the object as its description. When a story is written, the actual theme of the story as well as the action in that story will be important at certain extent. Symbolism of some objects in the story at another level will enhance the main line of the story. For example, a strong conflict or high emotions can be symbolized as a storm or the transition from day to night, spring to winter can be symbolized using conversion of good to evil. Flowers stand as symbolic to beauty.

Using symbols to explain something very big will tell us everything in one shot. This type of story or novel writing using symbols will be helpful and easy. The usage of symbols will bring a lot of change in the conveyance of the meaning though symbols are very small and appear as little. Usage of symbols many times will result in confusion. Hence, symbols used appropriately will be helpful and important.

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