Why is Taiga important?

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Why is Taiga important?

Everything in our ecosystem has a purpose. Everything functions in a cycle to support one another. Just like the taiga or biome. Taiga is a boreal forest which experiences long and cold winter. It is commonly seen in Canada and Russia.
What makes taiga an important part of the ecosystem is that it’s role of as host to millions of trees and animals. Some of these living things might even be rare. Sadly, taigas are starting to collapse because of deforestation. People had seen the benefits of the trees for business. The timber and the wood-products from taiga forests had been the target for investment.

Taiga must be preserved because of its benefits in our environment. The trees trap carbon dioxide thus minimizing pollution in our surroundings. Instead, they emit oxygen which human beings and animals need. Taigas can also be a solution to the increasing problem in climate change and global warming. Since the forest gives us air to breath, then greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide can also be minimized.

Taiga must also be preserved to avoid soil erosion and flashfloods. When there is forest flood, the soil will run off the river damaging water-living creatures. They may be trapped in the flood or may die because of too much current. Not only water-living creatures will suffer but also the people living in the lowlands because the flashflood might ruin their properties and lives.

Taiga is also an important part of research. With its characteristics and the creatures living in it, taiga is a very interesting subject to study. By understanding how the trees, shrub, and lichens behave then more solutions to forest fires can be made.

Taiga makes up almost 1/3 of the world’s forest. This vast part of the forest should be protected to avoid further disturbance in our environment.

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