Why is tea better than coffee?

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Why is tea better than coffee?

The cost of tea is less compared with that of coffee. Re steeping of the same leaves can be done for many times and hence the price of tea per cup is lesser than coffee. The used leaves of the tea can be utilized as manure for the flower or vegetable plants. Tea is better than coffee as it is very simple to take out tea from its leaves. Coffee has to be prepared from the coffee grains, grind them, brewed them later, and use filters in the coffee machine to get the final product. Tea does not need much complication in preparation of its market product. The tea leaves can be used directly and dropped into the water and strained a little bit. The resultant liquid will give you a good taste, flavor and odor in order to prepare tea.

The filters used in the coffee can be used for one time and have to be disposed after that. The tea related projects in the companies could perform good trading, are environmental friendly, and involves organic processes. The roasting of coffee seeds was known to release some pollutants, volatile organic substances, and several other gaseous pollutants into the air. The preparation of tea does not require heavy manpower and might get completed sometimes by wilting due to sun and wind. The method of processing tea by baking the tea leaves can release greenhouse gases which are released in low quantities than in coffee processing. Coffee also weighs higher than tea which counts while they are shipped during export process.

Coffee can be derived from only coffee beans which are available in various other forms. Tea is derived from only a single plant. Preparation of tea in various ways can give us various different tastes. The different taste can only be seen in different coffee blends. Tea is mostly used from ancient period and hence it has cultural and historical significance. Coffee gives problems related to caffeine which can cause hypertension, skin disease, Alzheimer’s disease, food poisoning, kidney stones and heart disease. Cancer and heart disease preventing substances like tannins and catechins were known to be present in tea. Tea reduces the blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and fatty acids while coffee consists of cafestol which can increase cholesterol levels in the blood. Tea helps in digestion, thea flavins in tea suppresses the enzymes that drive the cancer cell growth, does not contain carbohydrate-fats-protein, improves immune system and mental status in the body by L-theanin, helps in fighting HIV by oxalates in it, reduce swelling in intestines by polyphenols, and strengthen bones. Tea has many more advantages than coffee and hence is better than coffee.

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