Why Is Teamwork Important? – Nothing succeeds without teamwork

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An individual commits himself to group effort – this is the meaning of team work. The word has so many connotations but it is the reason why a civilization, society, company or even a family is successful. Whatever is the meaning, generals in the army, world leaders, CEOs in various conglomerations or students in school admit that teamwork is extremely important for success.

People x teamwork = Success

The formula has a times factor. In a team, the members worked as one and they accomplished much more than if they did the work alone. “Esprit de corps” is the beautiful expression for teamwork in the French language.

The need for oneness, unity in common interests and responsibilities are essential to the modern world. To be successful, all must work together as one.

Benefits of teamwork:

1. Through teamwork, strengths are maximized while weaknesses are reduced. Assets overcome liabilities as the weakness of each individual is minimized through the efforts of the team. In a football game; if the lineman is weak, he receives assistance from his team mate who blocks a competing player so he reaches his goal. In most companies, people are given assignments where their strengths are best used. Weaknesses declined when people are placed on their areas of strength.

2. Jobs are easier when there is teamwork. Employees are motivated to acquire expertise in special areas and contribute to the team by working on areas where they excel. Consequently, each member of the team becomes more specialized at their tasks effectively contributing to the group. As a team, they work much better and often discover new ways of doing things.

3. Work becomes a fun thing when you are part of a team. Building on other people’s ideas, as well as completing the assignment together is the advantage of teamwork. The members of your group serve as extra pair of eyes to edit your work that lessens errors and mistakes. Laughter and fun offshoots of camaraderie reduce stress that increase efficiency on the job. Teams who are working happily together can do great things for their company at the same time achieving their goals again and again.

Where teamwork is an important core:

In the family:

In the family, teamwork begins in acknowledging that each one belongs together and stays loyal to each other. Family unit needs to have an identity but individual differences are respected regarding their plans and purpose. Parents imparted values to their children and to work together as a family.

In school:

In a school setting, students form a group and develop social skills. Students work together, sympathetic with each other, clarify ideas and utilize real constructive criticism. Young people learn to work as one and cooperate.

In the workplace:

Teamwork in the workplace offers the company and staffs the ability to become more familiar with each other and learn how to work together. They realize that by working together and cooperating with each other, they get their work done faster and better. Great things can be accomplished when everyone is working together toward a common goal.

In sports:

Synergy is the concept that made many sports teams achieve success. It happens that the teams with the best players are not always the champion; frequently it is the team working together that accomplishes great things. Champions win in games for they do not play for themselves but for the whole team. Great things are done when everyone is working together toward a common goal.

In health-care:

In health institutions, teamwork impacts positively on patient’s safety. The increasing need for team effectiveness in health care are due to (1) increasing complexity and specialization; (2) additional co-morbidities; (3) more chronic diseases; (4) shortage of global workforce and (5) working hour’s initiatives for safety.

Teamwork for a more peaceful world:

When world leaders work as one, they practice nonviolent communication and talk things over to resolve conflicts in nonviolent ways. Such endeavor is successful when nations work together.

In conclusion:

There is a popular saying that in a team, there is no ‘i’; it means that each team member has to work together and that every member should understand his or her role as part of the team to achieve their goal. Team means –

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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