Why is technology bad?

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Why is technology bad?

As the technology advances, it has become easy for the man to live comfortably. From the devices like telephone and tape recorder till the mobile phones and computers, improvement in technology has made our lives much better than before. If we take the matter of electricity itself, it has become as if it is not possible for the man to survive without electricity today. This can be realized when we experience any power cuts. Probably, the power cut is not a big problem in most of the Western countries. But, in some of the countries like India, power cut and especially during summers has become common even in cities. Whatever may be the reason, the people are facing the problem of power cut. The big companies that cannot afford to experience the power cuts just for few hours will go for the option of using the power generators for running their business. I felt, that a common man has reached to a state that he is not able to live without electricity as every office is involved with the work related to electricity. Everyone almost will tend to suffer if there is no electricity. Even at homes we have got accustomed to live with electricity every minute. We have become so ‘dependent, on the electricity. Let us imagine simply like this. What if suddenly a natural catastrophe has occurred and most of the sources of electricity have been destroyed. May be few of the places might get it and other places will not. What will happen to our lives? How shall we earn? How can we work at home and office? Nobody might have thought about the way I am talking to you now. Even I do not want all this to happen. But, I would like to say that it is time for us (both Western as well as Eastern nations) to realize that we have become addictively dependent on technology. It can be electricity or telephone or mobile or television or COMPUTER or many Kitchen related electric machines or cloth and dish washing machine and many more.

Remember, our forefathers did not have all these but still managed to live. I can say here that medicine also has improved so much that it has increased our average life span. Medicine has advanced so much that it can treat many dreadful diseases today. We all feel secured that we can depend on medicines if we become ill. Fine, keeping in hand the knowledge of medicine is always good for us to live happily. Using the medicines and spending thousands of dollars is not possible for everyone. Moreover, use of many medicines will get us habituated to them. Is there any way to protect us from the diseases? Yes, what if we change our food habits in such a way that we can prevent the dreadful diseases to reach us? Is this not in our hands? I have come across a person in India called ‘Manthena Satyanarayana Raju, who has completely avoided taking salt and oil in his diet. He has done this from the past 20 years. He says that he will not get heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes and any other ailments. He has not suffered from even cold in the past 20 years. Doing fasting for a day in every 15 days, drinking at least 4 liters of water per day, avoiding salt and oil completely are some of the habits that can keep us healthy. It is been proved that we can keep our body healthy all through our life if we intend to do that. Fats and sodium necessary for our body are available in plenty in number of vegetables even if we avoid oil and salt completely.

Now, coming to technology, I do not mean to say that all should stop using the technology. I would like to say that we should also learn to live and make ourselves capable enough to live in the absence of technology. Always depending on something or someone will reduce our own skills and talents. Hence, I can say that technology is not bad. It is good to us as long as we use it to the extent that is necessary for us. We should also learn to live even if the technology is snatched away from us. Technology should be under our control and we should not be under the control of technology.

Author: Hari M

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