Why is technology so important?

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Why is technology so important?

If one was to think of how much the world has changed due to the advancement we have made, one cannot even imagine the world that we live in without technology. Technology has shaped our world and without the ever changing technology our world would not exist as we know it. If you were to look at small and simple things, let’s take communication for example, where would we be today without the latest technology? Can you imagine how difficult life would be without a phone? Or email? As you can see technology has shaped our world and has provided us with so many conveniences, but what looking at the bigger picture when it comes to technology?

Take a look into the medical field, and all the ways that we have to help treat and diagnose medical conditions. All of the methods that we have when it comes to treating one who is sick, is all related to technology. New advances are being made every day when it comes to technology so one can easily see why technology has become so important to us. Everything that one does one does on a daily basis somehow relates to a form of technology. This article that you are reading is thanks to technology. Being able to have a mode of transportation is also thanks to technology. Not to mention that the very safety of the world we live in is also thanks to technology. Can you imagine living in a society that had no form of technological advancement? Would one feel safe? Of course one can also see the importance of technology and the economy. It is the thrive and the drive of the technological world that helps to stimulate economic growth and keep our society afloat.

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