Why is Tequila so strong?

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Tequila is an alcoholic beverage made through a distillation process involving the blue agave plant which is grown in Mexico.  Pure Tequila is made solely from the agave plant, but some varieties of this drink are mixed with other ingredients, like corn, to come up with a different taste or save costs.  As an alcoholic drink, Tequila has the reputation of being a strong drink.  With Tequila bottles formulated with up to 40 percent alcohol, in itself it is a strong liquor.  But aside from its alcohol content, many people also consider Tequila as a strong drink because of its taste.  The bitter and sour flavor of this alcoholic beverage literally makes the impression that this drink is a strong one.  When compared with other drinks, Tequila may actually have the same alcohol content, but it is the taste that gives it a somewhat stronger punch for some people.  The more agave content Tequila has, the smoother the flavor is for most  people.  And when flavors are smooth, they also give the sense of strength to the alcoholic drink.

Some alcoholic beverage lovers also think that Tequila is stronger because of its color.  With these drinkers, the drink color is usually associated with its strength.  This perception can be applied to Tequila Gold wherein the color is darker than other alcoholic drinks like Vodka.

Overall, Tequila is considered strong mostly because of people’s perception about a strong drink.  Some attribute it to taste while others look at the color.  Sometimes also it’s about how Tequila is marketed as an alcoholic drink.  With advertising related to Tequila and other alcoholic drinks, people will already get an impression of what the drink is all about.  If the marketing campaign pushes a product to be perceived as a strong drink, then people will also respond to it and think of it as one.  As with Tequila, its reputation is enough for people to view it as a strong, alcoholic beverage even if these same people haven’t even tried the drink yet.

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