Why is Texas the Lone Star State?

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Why is Texas the Lone Star State?

Texas is the second largest state in the United States. The name, Texas, originated from the Caddo Indians of eastern Texas, who called their tribes Tejas. Tejas literally means friends or those who are friends. Located at the south-central part of the United States of America, majority of its borders are rivers namely, the Rio Grande River, the Red River and the Sabine River. Wide lands and vast plains comprise the state, along with a climate that is highly supple. Enriched with a perfect mixture of culture, tradition and booming economy, Texas proved to be worthy in being one of the states in the United States of America.

Behind the wonderful façade of Texas today is a history full of strife and suffering. Before Texas gained its independence and became one of the states of US, it was colonized by Mexico and suffered under its rule for many years. Texas had to go through many sacrifices and sufferings as well as countless battles alone against Mexico to earn its freedom. It was not until in the year 1836 that Texas was finally freed from the Mexican colonization and was declared independent. And it was only in the year 1845 that United States of America adopted Texas to be its 28th state.

It is because of this great history that Texas earned the name the Lone Star State. This significant name represents the struggles the state has undergone to gain its independence from Mexico. To go on a battle alone is never an easy thing to do but Texas endured to win and is thus worthy to be called the Lone Star state. With a highly respected emblem up until this modern age, the Lone Star flag waves proudly in the state of Texas.

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