Why is Texting good?

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Why is Texting good?

Texting is also called as text messaging or wireless messaging. It is sending short text messages between cell phones, handheld services and pagers. Messages are sent by short message service or SMS. The messages also can be sent from the computer to handheld devices. Web texting is also done through websites called as SMS gateways. Text messaging is the phrase that is used to represent the short communications that can be done by mobile phones.

Until 2000 and 2001, text messaging has not become so popular. The number of text messages sent was more than 250 billion by 2001. Text messaging was considered as a very easy way of keeping contact with each other. By the year 2003, it is reported that more than half of all mobile phone users were using the facility of text messaging.

Text messaging is a part of nice business to the mobile phone companies. They started charging the message as per text basis or as part of bundle package which charged the monthly fee. The texting has given the mobile companies some billions of dollars worth of profits. The texting does not require very high band widths compared to the phone conversations. Hence, the profit is very large in texting.

Texting need not be done in between two individuals. It is today used even for political campaigning. The texting will help the election contestants to encourage their party supporters to vote for their party. Today most of the businesses during the sign up process are asking the customer to select the option of updating them with text messaging.

Texting helps in keeping the speed up in case of stock prices, scores in the sports, and other tiny information which tends to change. As some of the mobile phones have very small keys and some have numerical keys, the keys have to be pressed many times to get the desired letter. So, the shorthand slang also was started in texting along with usage of acronyms. If calling a person is not possible, texting them with the desired message will allow the sender to convey the message effectively. So, texting is good.

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