Why Is The Earth Round?

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Why Is The Earth Round?

In the history of man, people were exiled, killed, burned alive and stoned to death because of their personal conviction that the earth is flat and not round. The shape of the earth matters a lot in view of religious beliefs and traditional practices. Because of this problem regarding the real shape of the earth, a lot of people tried their very best to outwit one another in view of their kilometric explanations regarding the said problem.

The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and the Chinese have their respective understanding and belief in view of the exact and genuine shape of the earth. Most of their beliefs agree with what their religions would imply. Hence, categorically speaking, these people in the olden times mostly believe that indeed and in truth, the shape of the earth is flat and not round. Otherwise they said we will all fall off from the earth every time it rotates since we are basically all situated on top of the earth according to them.

This endless discussion came to an end when mathematicians and scientists came up with their experimentations and scientific explanations. Because of numbers and certain formulae, these experts realized the real score of the earth’s shape and the reasons behind why it is so. They all agreed that after all, the exact shape of the earth is spherical or round more or less and not flat as everyone ought to claim before.

Scientists said that because of gravity, they were able to conclude that the earth’s shape is actually round. It is the gravity which pulls in every direction with the exact amount of strength from all sides. Because of this equal force exerted by gravity towards the earth the shape becomes somehow spherical which is akin to round. As a consequence, people now can exactly conclude that the earth is in truth and in fact, round and not flat!

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