Why is the endocrine system important?

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When people speak of the endocrine system, it simply refers to the body’s system involved in the secretion of hormones which perform a specific function or regulate the body.  These secretions play a vital role in maintaining normal chemical levels and promote good health making the whole endocrine system an important part of the body.

The body is composed of several endocrine glands that secrete or form special hormones and substances that perform a vital and specific function.  In the case of the anterior pituitary gland, it is responsible for producing enough growth hormones in the body.  And from the term itself, these types of hormones play an important role in growth and development. Specifically, these hormones are involved in cell production.  When the body undergoes growth and development, for example, it will need new cells for this purpose.  And to provide the needed cells, the anterior pituitary gland will secrete growth hormones to start or stimulate cell production.  With this particular gland healthy and functioning, a baby, for example, will eventually grow newer cells which are needed for the proper development of its body.

Other glands that are part of the endocrine system, meanwhile, may be involved in different bodily functions.  The pineal gland secretes melatonin which helps the body have a regulated cycle of sleep.  Without this particular hormone, for example, the body’s natural sleep cycle will not be normal.  Other glands produce hormones for a variety of purposes like the stimulation of the ovulation process, regulation of the body’s oxygen and/or energy consumption, and bone construction among many other processes.

Without the proper functioning of the body’s endocrine system, there will be an imbalance of hormones and chemicals which may lead to serious medical conditions.  As with other bodily systems, the endocrine system plays a very important part for the body’s health and development.

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