Why is the KKK racist?

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“KKK,” or “Ku Klux Klan” is an organization that is considered anti-Jewish and racist.  The members of this hate group believe in the supremacy of the white race and have gone on to hate and commit several crimes against non-whites including Jews.  With its “whites only,” or “white supremacy,” and “whites rule” policy, the KKK or Ku Klux Klan is a classic example of a racist group or organization.

It was in the 1860s when the supposed first KKK, or Klan, was created.  Back then, the tradition of wearing white robes and cone-shaped, white hats became a standard, and this served the purpose of protecting the identity of all its members.  For all their violent crimes and activities, the members of the Klan had every reason to hide themselves from the eyes of the public. The first Klan was formed by former soldiers of the Confederate Army and initially fought for white supremacy across the United States.  During that time, members of the KKK acted as a vigilante group and committed various crimes against blacks.  Some whites were also killed, especially the Republicans, who had different views from the Klan. Since then, the KKK is associated with anti-government, anti-blacks, anti-law activities.  From then on, several chapters were created across America over the years.

Aside from killing blacks and Jews, members of the KKK were also against the U.S. government’s immigration policies.  For them, anyone that is non-white does not deserve to be in the country, and so crimes were committed against them.  Some KKK members were also involved in intimidating the black community by killing black political leaders or killing the heads of families.  The KKK was also against giving voting rights to all blacks across America, and they were also involved in various killings of black people prior to political elections and activities in the past. With all the activities of the Ku Klux Klan against non-white Americans, various other people have lived in constant fear that they may be mistreated or killed by a KKK member.

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