Why is Tradition important?

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Why is Tradition important?

We all start leading our lives after we are born. For few days after birth our parents will help us while we grow. They teach us many things which will help us to live happily further. The social groups will have their own way of doing things and to get the things done for them. Each of the social cohorts will have a religion to follow as man has to accept at one stage or the other that there is a supreme power that is governing him. Based on their beliefs or having confidence on particular sayings of the saints or influenced by the teachings of the existing religion, every one of us will tend to approach a path that can take us to salvation. In this process of following a religion and practicing the rituals, customs and traditions mentioned in the concerned religious texts, we will gain some balance in our lives.

Every social group or caste or tribe or dynasty will have its own customs and traditions. Whatever may be the number of religions or traditional types that exist in this world, they all teach us to understand why we are here. Religion will make us to realize our Self” and feel the importance of the relationship of God and man. Many religions have described about God and our relationship with Him. Hinduism is one which explained clearly how we are related to God and what is the purpose of our existence or our real goal in life. When we read the religious scriptures once and remain aloof from them during our daily activities, there are more chances for us to get diverted from our goal. So, the scriptures have provided us with traditions to follow every day. This will allow us to concentrate on our goal, each and every moment. Traditions make us to recapitulate the relevance of religion in enlightening us. Traditions of a particular group help them to be together and perform the rituals.

I feel that tradition is important to make us understand our religion. Once we have done that, we can follow them for name sake or as our duty. The main intention behind following the traditions is ultimately to attain salvation through religion.

Author: Hari M

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