Why Is Trust Important?

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timjenny___trust_by_hunterxcolleen-d3czr9vTrust: the key to successful relationship

Just as a lock door needs a key to be opened, relationship will flounder without trust. But do you know that trust is essential not only between you and the significant other? With trust, you’ll sell more, get better jobs, find better looking dates, gain more friends and the consequence is an overall success rating when it comes to relationship. So check your ego and do not focus on yourself.

Trust is more like a feeling:

Trust is something you feel or don’t feel for others; not something you can openly measure. For the adults, this feeling is something earned, determined by experience in the past for it is not freely given freely.

You can love a person, but not trust him; or you can trust a person but not emotionally love him.  You have trust on someone when you are convinced that he has your best interest at heart.  This person wouldn’t do anything to hurt you for selfish gain and whatever reason, so you rely on him.

Trust for every successful relationship:

A successful relationship has a strong foundation build on trust; however, most people take it for granted until it’s been broken. When the time comes, it may be too late regaining it. Trust is not like a magical relationship that appears at a wave of a wand but it is built and sustained through the use of very special behaviors. So whether you are a lover, a spouse, a parent, a friend, a leader, a coach or a teacher, the expertise of building trust is crucial for a successful relationship.

Fundamental to life is trust: if you cannot trust anyone, life becomes a constant battle against constant fear from one or more person, by objects or even by an abstract idea and expectation of an oncoming disaster from others.

Trust is the key to successful relationship:

Good relationship between you and significant others will crumble without trust; more marriages are wrecked by the absence of trust than by real faithlessness. When one partner do not trust the other not to be faithful, she will either drive the other away or drive him into some real or assumed act of infidelity.

Even in the workplace too, trust is also essential. A company without trust between each other will be filled with backstabbing, fear, threats, and suspicion. If the boss does not trust his workforce to do the right things, everyone will have a miserable time as he will be around checking up all the time, forever correcting expected mistakes and assumed oversights while constantly nagging employees to do this or that. Colleagues who mistrust each other will be spent more time watching their backs than doing any useful work. Office intrigues and politics will be too thick that even Machiavelli would blush.

Building a cycle of trust:

Everyone has the power to create a world for good relationship to flourish. You can begin building a cycle of trust by an act of faith. It is a waste of time expecting others to make the first move. Be proactive, do not wait for others. It is unwise for you to expect that the ability, good sense, honesty and sense of commitment will motivate the other person to start the ball rolling.

Of course, your trust for others will sometime be misplaced as life is not perfect and some people are not trustworthy. But by increasing your willingness to trust others will produce a positive benefit. It will make your life more pleasant and less stressful. Believe that it is so for you have nothing to lose by trying.

Trust is not created by a magic wand – it has to start somewhere. Why not with you? Be the creator of trust that is so much important in a relationship!


Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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