Why is Typography important?

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Why is Typography important?

Typography means writing or typing a document in effective manner. The typing is arranged in an attractive manner. Typography can be carried out using the factors like typefaces, line length, type size, space between the group of letters or tracking, space between pairs of letters or kerning, and leading or line spacing. The style of writing is important as the audience have to understand the message that you have sent. It would not be proper if the text that you have made is having tiny font and all the information is clubbed together. Typography will enable the writer to offer a good mood or good feeling to the audience by the typing.

The specific fonts can be used for specific purposes and present the document with the desired format. For instance, gothic fonts or typefaces used for preparing Halloween party invitation can be written in such a way that blood comes out from the letters. The style of text written in scrapbook page will resemble the handwriting of the child. If calligraphy is used to prepare an artwork, few words or letters bigger than others in the paragraph can keep the quote with them unique.

Good typography means repetition, proximity, contrast and alignment. Repetition is a strong aspect that repeats a key feature in the design of the document. Contrast is another aspect that can take care of the typing font. Contrast refers to the color and size of the font on a particular background. Other elements of contrast include changes in size, structure, direction, font color, and weight of the fonts in particular information. Selecting the contrasting factors which are different from each other is very important. The lines having the same fonts that are used for normal purpose and for specific description has to differ with each other. The type face that is used for writing them should vary.

Typography apart from emphasizing all the above aspects in typing also concentrates on grouping the related statements or phrases to one. For example, a subheading has to be grouped with the heading. Alignment of the piece of information in the document also tells us the significance of typography. Selecting the left, center or right will make the alignment to give healthier look to the page.

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