Why is Ubuntu 64 bit not recommended?

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Why is Ubuntu 64 bit not recommended?

Ubuntu is a secure operating system created by a team of open-source experts from various parts of the world. Available in over 24 languages, Ubuntu is an intuitive, fast-growing, and user friendly system that empowers computer s, laptops, servers and netbooks. Using an Ubuntu system makes browsing easier, faster and stress-free. with a variety of applications that can be downloaded in a short time, along with virus-free installations and adequate community support, Ubuntu is one sure system that will keep its users up to date and makes sure that it is always accessible and available.
However, concerns have been arising regarding the Ubuntu 64 bit system. For most computer experts, Ubuntu’s 64-bit system is not recommended for daily use and among desktop users. There are several reasons why Ubuntu 64-bit system is not recommended for daily desktop usage. One identified reason is that the full package of Adobe Flash Player does not have a 64 bit system release. Although a beta plug in is available for 64-bit, security updates are not accommodated, therefore a 32 bit system is still needed or other options such as installing an unstable alpha version can be done or a binary wrapper can be of use. Another reason why Ubuntu 64 bit system is not recommended is because not all computers have the capacity to entertain such large system, considering that not all people are technologically knowledgeable about issues concerning such topic. Downloading the Ubuntu 64-bit system without being concerned of the computer’s ability will only waste time and the bandwidth used in downloading such file.
In order to be safe, ask for any assistance first before proceeding to other operations that might cause more trouble not just to the computer and the system, but also to the user.

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