Why is ultraviolet radiation harmful?

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Ultraviolet rays from the sun are known to have beneficial effects to the body.  One great benefit is that they help in the production of vitamin D in the skin. This vitamin is essential to boost the immune system and help in the formation and maintenance of the bones. UV rays are also used medically for the treatment of some skin conditions.  But besides these beneficial effects and others, exposure to UV rays may also be harmful to the body.

One common negative effect of ultraviolet radiation is aging. Too much exposure to the sun is known to be a great factor in the skin-aging process. Normally, the collagen and connective tissues present in the skin make it soft and elastic. But with too much ultraviolet radiation, these components get damaged causing harm to the skin. Some people may also get sunburn which will damage several layers of the skin. Some will also develop blisters on the middle layers of the skin causing pain and increased sensitivity. In fact, excessive amounts of ultraviolet radiation may even cause skin cancer. Various research and studies have shown a link between too much sun exposure to certain types of skin cancer. With this kind of harm to the skin, people are always advised to either avoid long exposure to the sun or perhaps to use sunblock often.

Other harmful effects of UV radiation may also include damage to the eyes. It is said that the surface of the eyes are prone to burning and/or damage and so must be protected with sunglasses that have enough ultraviolet radiation protection. Ultraviolet radiation may also lead to several eye ailments like the formation of cataracts and pterygiums. For these bad effects, people are advised to wear sunglasses and other protective eyewear just to shield the eyes from too much brightness and the exposure to harmful rays.


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