Why is upload speed Slow?

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Why is upload speed Slow?

Generally, if we test the broadband speed from the site meant for testing it, most of our browsers in the PCs will show higher download speed than the upload speed. When your system is connected to the internet, the traffic from your side towards the net will be less compared to the internet traffic towards your system. Probably this is one of the reasons for having high download speed compared to less upload speed in most of the systems connected to the net. The capability of your computer to carryout uploading will be reduced due to network traffic in the net. So, a typical broadband connectivity will have download speed about twenty times higher than that of upload speed. The downloading speed will be advertised by the company as their connectivity speed.

The speed of broadband is generally evaluated in terms of megabits per second. As 8 bits constitute a single byte, the upload speed measured should be divided by 8 to give the amount of megabytes of information that can be uploaded from this end per second. The speed testing service can be monitored using a site called speedtest.net. If the upload speed was calculated as 400Mb/s, it indicates that your computer can upload 400 megabits per second. The upload speed can be represented in terms of kilobytes per second as 50 Kb. Hence, 30 megabytes of pictures can be uploaded in ten minutes. This can be evaluated in this way: 30 * 1000 = 30,000 kilobytes. This 30,000 kb should be divided by 50 which give 600 seconds. Six hundred seconds can be taken as 10 minutes.

The upload speed will get reduced if you were running any video on your system and were sharing files. Background uploading can be done using Smart Drive which carries out the process undisturbed even if you are running a task in the foreground. Sometimes, if your computer is directly connected to the cable modem instead of via the router, the upload speed might increase. Virus scans also might reduce the upload speeds.

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