Why is Uranium Harmful to Humans?

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Why is Uranium Harmful to Humans?

Minerals make up the earth. They each have a purpose that makes them useful to earth’s system. But, not all of them are human friendly. One example is the uranium, because it is not advised for human contact.

Uranium is harmful to humans because it is an essential nuclear element. As far as human knowledge knows anything that has a nuclear composition is not good to humans. Uranium exposure can affect the human body system. It can depreciate the functions of vital organs such as the heart, brain, liver and kidney. Uranium can be retained in many different ways. It has smaller components known as radon. This can be exhaled through contaminated food or water. But, such exposure is only minor. Major exposures include working in factories or government facilities that uses uranium.

Uranium is used in nuclear power plants and there are many of that around the world. It is especially common in countries that are in war to other countries. It becomes a weapon of mass destruction. Based on history, such effect has not done anything good to humans. It stunts the psychological make-up and even the growth o those affected.

Uranium results to intense heat when it comes in contact to other elements. The heat it generates can actually form electricity. This is one good use of uranium. But, once the electricity produced by it has been used up, this is when the harm begins. The radioactive rod can result to a meltdown which is common to nuclear elements. This happens when the rod gets too hot. Therefore, once used it has to be disposed like burying it. If not, such meltdown can be out of control. It has been known by record to be very dangerous to human existence. This is just a price we pay for all the developments we have.

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  1. Anna Collins

    May 11, 2022 3:37 am

    It was interesting to learn that uranium is harmful to humans since exposure to it can be detrimental to the body and depreciate the functions of vital organs like the heart, brain, and liver. I imagine if the government created radiation due to uranium mining and you got exposed to it, it would be best to inquire about RECA so you’ll know about your medical benefits. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind if a similar situation arises in the future.


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