Why is Urine Cloudy?

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Why is urine cloudy?

Our urine is a liquid by-product of our body. This is secreted and excreted by our Excretory System. Our urine is important because it is an indicator of our health.

Usually, the color of healthy urine is light yellow. ‚ But sometimes, our urine becomes cloudy because of a lot of factors. It becomes discolored because of the food and liquid we intake. ‚ Food such as asparagus and beets can taint our urine.  Liquid such as milk, orange juice can also make our urine cloudy.  Once these food and drinks are consumed and excreted by our body, the color of our urine will be back to normal.

The vitamin supplements especially those that are rich in iron can also cause the cloudiness of our urine.  When too much vitamins is taken by the body, especially those that are water-soluble, the excess will be excreted by our kidneys and will mix in our urine causing it to have a cloudy appearance. This is not dangerous because this will only last for a short time.

An alarming cause of cloudy urine is kidney infection. For those who have kidney stones, blood can be expelled in the urine which makes it cloudy.  Symptom of a kidney infection also includes pain in the abdomen and a hard stomach.

Other types of infection can also cause the urine to be cloudy.  For women, this can be a sign of vaginal infection. For men, it can be a bladder infection.  For worst cases, the infection can worsen to gonorrhea or other sexual transmitted disease.

If we find our urine cloudy, think of something you have taken orally. But if you doubt that there is something wrong with you, let medical experts examine our urine content to help us prevent further diseases.  In case we suffer from infection, we just need proper medication that will bring back our good health.

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