Why is Victoria Day Celebrated?

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Why is Victoria Day Celebrated?

Victoria Day is a Canadian holiday celebrated on or before May 24th which is the birthday of Queen Victoria. It’s a very important commemorative event that marks a special day in the history of Canada.
Informally, Victoria Day also marks the beginning of the summer season in Canada. But weather pattern changes in the last five years has made it quite inaccurate although many people still mark their calendar plans basing on Victoria Day.

The holiday was practiced even before Canada was formed as an independent nation. It’s a British colony that follows the monarchy system of Britain thus Victoria Day was named after the longest ruling queen in British history. Her reign ushered one of the most successful eras in the monarchy which historians refer to as the Victorian period.

The incumbent Canadian sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II who has ruled since 1952 and will continue to do so until the time of her death. Since Victoria Day is a very important tradition in Canadian history, it was also designated as the Canadian sovereign’s official birthday.

Official birthdays refer to a high ranking government official who is highly noted for his or her contributions. While that day may not coincide with their actual dates of births, they are still celebrated as if it’s their own. In the United States, George Washington’s birthday is often celebrated as President’s Day.

Victoria Day, aside from its historical importance, is also celebrated to reaffirm the rule of British monarchy in Canada. Twenty-one gun salutes are offered in all provinces and festivities follow suit that last for the rest of the day. This just show how deeply seated the roots of the British Empire are in the American continent. It’s why it must be celebrated. Canadians need to honor their rich history and colored past.

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