Why is vinegar good for you?

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Vinegar can be obtained from so many food items and has been used for centuries for its mildly acidic flavor.  Most households today have some form of vinegar in their kitchens and pantries as it is a popular option for food flavoring purposes.  But aside from vinegar’s use in food preparation, many people also use it for its medicinal and/or health benefits.

In the past, vinegar has been reported across different cultures to have healing properties for some body ailments. And although many are just claims without scientific findings, people still believe some of vinegar’s health benefits.  Like in the case of people who get a sunburn, the application of vinegar to a piece of tissue applied on the skin is said to give a cooling effect.  For the sunburned skin, this basic remedy gives a soothing relief.

As a food item, some types of vinegar contain valuable vitamins that help in the overall health of the individual.  Essential vitamins such as Vitamins A, B, C, and E are said to be found in vinegars made from apple cider.  Some vinegar varieties also contain other nutrients like beta carotene, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, and potassium among others.  These minerals are considered good for the body’s cellular functioning.

People who have problems with their cholesterol and body fat levels are said to benefit from vinegar consumption.  Studies have shown in the past that vinegar is able to lower cholesterol levels in rat subjects.  And with an improved cholesterol level in the body, other diseases may also be avoided like those involving the heart.  People with diabetes can also benefit from vinegar in terms of its lowering the glycemic index of food items.  This is very important in terms of maintaining healthy sugar levels in the bloodstream.

With all the associated benefits of vinegar, many people use it and have it in their homes.  And since vinegar is obtained from plants and fruits, people usually consider it as good for the body.

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