Why is Virginity so important?

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Why is Virginity so important?

People are saying that the decision whether to treat one’s virginity as something important, or not, depends on one’s own judgment. But, would it not be nice if a person is certain that his/her decision is brought about by a good judgment? Here are the reasons why virginity should be treated as something important.

1.Prevention of unplanned pregnancy and all its after effects. Although children are considered as a gift from God, having them at an early age, or at a wrong time, will only create future problems like drastic change and adjustment in lifestyle, irresponsible parenthood, and emotional trauma ‒ fear, frustration, depression and the likes.

2.Protection from various Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) like gonorrhea, genital herpes, Chlamydia, syphilis, and the deadliest of all, HIV.

3.It gives value to one’s own being. Virgins are a rare find these days, and being one makes a person standout from the society that has been permissive in premarital sex and other sexual immoralities.

4.It empowers a person. Choosing virginity shows that a person has a strong personal conviction. It also reveals that the person is in control of one’s own decision and is not easily swayed by the norms of the society or by other people.

5.Produces self control and self confidence. Choosing virginity needs a lot discipline and control of one’s self. A person also has to be confident enough of one’s own being in order to say NO” to temptation.

6.It is morally good, and it is what God wants us to do. Be reminded that sex is more than just a skin to skin” experience. It has a certain spiritual mystery” that bonds two people together. It is also the reason why God designed sex in the context of marriage. Sex is permissible to God but not sexual immoralities that include premarital sex. In 1 Thessalonians 4:8 it is stated that rejecting this instruction (instruction to refrain from sexual immoralities) does not reject man but God”.

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