Why is vision important?

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When planning for success, everything should start with a vision. Without a vision, every effort made may be meaningless and may be done without a guide and purpose. This is why vision is very important in almost every aspect of life. Whether it involves family matters, school concerns, or business planning, one has to have a vision first in order to achieve a certain goal.

In the case of a family who pictures themselves to finally be able to purchase a car for the year, each member must know that this is his or her vision and that every one of them must contribute his or her share to achieving such dream. By knowing that they want to eliminate unnecessary spending to be able to purchase a car, every member will be guided with his or her actions. So instead of just spending money for fun and entertainment, one member of the family may opt to save it to contribute to the family savings. Without a vision, some members of the family will not have a guide on how to go about budgeting and other money issues.

In the business setup, vision also plays the most important part for each employee to know what the company’s goals are.  A company’s vision will give all employees a sense of direction and motivation towards contributing to its success. Without a common vision, all of the employees will just work like robots doing their day-to-day activities without a sense of purpose. If the employees know that the company aims to be the best in its field in terms of customer service, for example, each of them will also be able to adjust his or her own actions to contribute to the company’s vision.  It’s like the vision will become a guided principle that each employee can look up to and follow. In this context, the company’s vision will serve to make employees focus on what needs to be done in order to achieve the common goal.

Author: Hari M

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